Bachelor thesis and master thesis

Writing a master’s thesis usually precedes the valuable experience of bachelor’s thesis. The master’s thesis differs slightly from the one we wrote after graduating from the first three years of study. First of all, the master’s degree requires a much broader knowledge of the subject literature and the selection of appropriate scientific methods to analyze the data or information obtained. Based on the scientific method, the author of the thesis solves the research problem. Therefore, it must demonstrate proficiency in the methods used in the scientific discipline it deals with.

Master’s thesis is usually of a reproductive nature, imitates creative scientific work, using similar methods, means and analysis. Refers to the issue already developed, analyzing them in a different context. It may, for example, be a repetition of someone’s research in other conditions, the presentation of research states, may be based on the use of some research method.

The master’s thesis is also much larger than the undergraduate one. Typically, universities require 60 to 100 pages. Its design is similar to a thesis. The process of preparing the dissertation is almost identical. What should you remember about each stage?

Choice of the subject / subject / problem and promoter

Of the subjects we study, we should choose the one we were good at and which we are interested in. There is no point in doing research on something that we perceive as boring or incomprehensible – the master’s thesis that we write on this basis will be very poor at best. It is worth considering which classes gave us the most pleasure and gave us satisfaction, which we were particularly interested in. Once we determine the scope of our interests, the most important is to choose a promoter who will support us while writing a job. First of all, it should be an academic teacher who is a specialist in the field that we want to deal with. Secondly, it is not worth addressing someone who is known to be uninterested in their graduate students or gives them unsatisfactory requirements. A kind, helpful, humorous supervisor of the thesis is half the battle.

Choosing the topic of work

The subject of the master’s thesis should be narrow and specific. It must inform about what we want to investigate and prove that we want to show a phenomenon in a new light. Its final shape should be consulted with the promoter. The topic should be precisely determined at the very beginning, because each of its modification entails the need to read the additional literature on the subject, conduct additional research.

Getting to know the literature of the subject

Before we start writing a job, it is necessary to familiarize ourselves with the current state of research. It is particularly important to get to the latest publications, which certainly refer to the theory and the concept of predecessors. The outdated, obsolete literature of the subject is one of the most serious errors of the author’s thesis. Reading the studies, it is worth taking notes, either handwritten or in electronic form. Remember to mark the page numbers in them – they will be useful when making footnotes.

The search for literature on the subject is often “casketing” – we reach the article on a given topic, and then to the next items included in the bibliography by the author of the publication.

It is also worth consulting with the promoter, which positions should be used, which are particularly valuable. Perhaps we encounter different concepts – then we have to address them.

Selection of the research method

This is a particularly important stage of preparation. In principle, the method already specifies the subject of the study itself. Writing theoretical master theses assumes the use of methods consisting in the ordering and analysis of the literature of the subject, while in empirical works the method should be selected in which account we want to analyze the collected data and which research questions to address. The empirical master theses, in addition to the method, also require the selection of research techniques and research tools.

The selection of an appropriate method indicates that we are familiar with the suitability of the methods and their purposes. In addition, each scientific discipline has its own specific methods. They should be familiar to a student entering a master’s thesis. It is worth to refer to the textbook of the methodology of a given science – each one has one.

Construction of the work structure

The laying out of the work plan should be based on identical principles as was the case with the bachelor’s thesis – the first chapter should be the most general, the latest theoretical – the most detailed one. If the master’s thesis is of an empirical nature, the research part must start with a methodological chapter in which we indicate:

  • purpose and subject of work;
  • problems and research hypotheses;
  • Methods, techniques and research tools;
  • we discuss the course of research.

Essential parts of the master’s thesis are the introduction and ending. In the introduction, we should include information about the purpose of the work, the justification of the choice of subject, construction of the work, delimiters and sources. The ending is a verification of the hypotheses and a summary of the argument.

Writing the next chapters

As a rule, each chapter is divided into subsections. It is worth pointing out at the beginning what research questions the chapter should answer, why it should serve. Each chapter also requires a summary and indication of partial conclusions. Finally, we write the ending and introduction.

The content of the theoretical chapters is a review of research, concepts, theories, their comparison, compilation, analysis in terms of which each part of the work was devoted to. The empirical part of the master’s thesis consists of a methodological chapter, which has already been mentioned and a chapter, the aim of which is to present the analysis of the conducted research and conclusions resulting from it.

Language, style, aesthetics and anti-plagiarism test

As in the case of a bachelor’s thesis, linguistic-stylistic correctness is our showcase. It should be remembered, however, that our master’s thesis is a scientific work – not an essay, not a column, not a fiction, and its style should be adapted to the style we use.

It is worth taking care of transparency, aesthetics and formal compliance with the university’s requirements. Master’s theses, which are well-read, are generally better judged. Master’s thesis requires meticulousness – only then will be unique. Finally, it’s worth to check your own work in the anti-plagiarism system to avoid stress and surprise when the university does. If it turns out that the system noted too much similarity, we will still paraphrase selected fragments.

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