Help with writing of master thesis

Is writing a master’s thesis difficult? It does not have to be, as long as you have a clearly defined goal and as such a concept about the technical structure of the text. It can be quite “easy” as long as you listen to the advice of older colleagues, you are patiently soliciting your promoter and using clever guides. Thesis – when writing a job, you do not have to give up events or favorite tapeworms if you gradually and systematically fill up the next pages. That is why we dedicate this text to students who set about this ungrateful duty early and do not wait with him for the last month of the fifth year. So check how to write a master’s thesis so that defense becomes a pure formality?

Of course, we are not talking about the help of a promoter or other “wise heads”. It’s great if you can count on the support of your mentor – use it as often as possible (of course within the limits of decency) and do not be afraid to ask questions that bother you.

Start writing early and do it systematically

On the Internet you will find a lot of bragging about people who wrote their thesis a month before the defense. Others argue that it took them only 2 weeks to create an 80-page text. How to write a master thesis in less than 14 days? You better not try to break records – unless you plan to lock yourself in the room and leave the computer 24/7.

If you do not have a “light pen” and think twice about each sentence, start writing a master’s thesis even 6-12 months before the defense. Do it regularly and carefully – avoid messy writing “dirty”. The less patches your text requires, the more time you will have for student enjoyment (in the end you will soon be working full time). Take into account that the master’s thesis is not just writing. First of all, thinking about the topic, formulating theses, collecting materials, analyzing source texts, running around libraries, surfing the Internet, creating notes. As a result, conceptual and research works consume much more hours than slapping the keyboard.

How to write a master thesis – a few practical notes

If you have no idea what a master’s thesis should look like, analyze some of the ready-made texts available in the library or the Internet. You do not need to search for a topic related to your field – it is only to get acquainted with the construction of the work, the way of describing the bibliography and creating a table of contents. Familiarize yourself with the requirements prevailing at your university, to this end, it is worth to look at the work of your older colleagues. Standard master thesis has 80 pages (60-120 without bibliography), but the volume of the text is not the most important! It is better to cover the deep essence of the topic on 80 pages than to “pour water” on 120.

How to write a master thesis in practice? Remember that you are creating a scientific text, slightly more advanced than a thesis. So you have to present your conclusions in a transparent and specific way, in line with university standards. Your job is to open the title page, then you may receive a thank you, then a table of contents. Main section should be preceded by a summary and introduction, then divide the text into 3-5 chapters of similar volume. Each chapter should be developed in a few subchapters and briefly summarized. In conclusion, you need to formulate conclusions about the main topic of the work, then a bibliography should appear. The last pages of the work are intended to indicate graphic materials and attachments. If you do not know what an element should look like, use the promoter’s ready work and tips. When you put the last dot, postpone your work to “mature” for 2-3 weeks (or shorter if you do not have that much time). After acquiring the distance, you will be more likely to detect errors and gain a fresh look to make the final corrections.